Pix.CO Photobooth is serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area. (Free up to 40miles -- succeeding miles will be additional 75cents per mile)
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We complement our customized photobooths with excellent, custom-made party souvenirs that add to the total FUN delivered by Pix.CO.

Our Services

Please call 510.709.6146 or email info@pixcophotobooth.com to inquire/ order.


Fast, Unlimited Prints S-print

Our Speedy Printing approach, ensures no guest wait long for printouts. Not to mention unlimited!


Green Screen Magic

Our Realistic Green Screen technology can put you in a Beach, a Concert or anywhere you wish to go — all without leaving your venue.


Customized Backdrop

Go ahead and pose like a celebrity! Make your event to a real red carpet experience.


Sequin Backdrop

There’s no denying that these Glittery Backdrops are perfect to glam up your party, even more!
*More color options


Photo Guestbook

Preserve your photobooth memories! We will create a high-quality custom photo/guestbook with matching event-motif designs, photobooth photos and your guest’s message for you.


Upload & Share

Allows your guest to share their photos via wide variaety of social media options.


Beautiful Button Pins

Who’s in support of a FUN occasion? Let your guests pin their testament to an amazing party experience.


Forget-It-Not Magnets

Here’s your “save the date” or “thanks for partying” keepsake so your guests have down pat that you remember.


Perky Bag Tags

Take the memory of a thrilling party everywhere. The bag tags will take care of it.


Cool Keychains

Reminisce the party’s zing as the keychain swings. A remarkable party everyone enjoyed deserves that.

Testimonials What our clients say

We used Pixco photobooth for our wedding at the Palmdale. It was an awesome addition to an already amazing day. The pictured turned out wonderful and the guest really loved being able to take something home from the wedding. Very affordable and Great Props to enhance the pictures. Leica is on point in setting up and maintaining the booth, making it easy. I would recommend them for any social gathering.

-Christian Hafner