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Pix.CO’s New Mirror Booth: You can see it to experience it now!

Jun 14, 2017

Everyone loves mirrors. Even if you admit it or not, you try to catch a glimpse of your fabulous self in the mirror every once in awhile. The Pix.CO team votes to embrace that feeling everyday, especially when you are look extra awesome on your big event!

Therefore, Pix.CO Photobooth is kicking your photobooth experience up a notch with the New Mirror Booth! This 5-foot tall, full length Mirror Booth will certainly entice and wow all your guests. No one can resist seeing and experiencing what Pix.CO’s Mirror Booth is all about!

Mirror Booth Blog Photo

Click to watch Pix.CO’s New Mirror Booth in Action!

Once you have the Mirror Booth at your amazing event, every guest will walk by and do a double take on this beautiful feature.

First impressions: “What’s that? Is that a photobooth!”

The line for the photobooth will be endless and Pix.CO’s Mirror Booth will be a highlight of your event. Take our word for it. We’ve experienced it, we love using it, and we love guests reactions when they try it out too!

The Mirror Booth will make you feel fabulous from start to finish and will have you coming back for more! So go for it, you know you want to! Give us a call or email today and we’ll make sure you and your guests have the best photobooth experience on your life!

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