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Happy 5th Birthday Pix.CO! What a journey it has been!

Jun 7, 2017

5 years

It’s surprising what you can do in 5 years! Each day is a snippet of your life but each day adds up to a year and everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow and reflect. Over the years, Pix.CO focuses on you and how to make your event unforgettable. We want to take a moment and step back to reflect how our work affects those rare special moments of your life.

To us, life is one big party one big, everlasting party! Our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing with all of you! It’s been a fun 5 years and we can’t wait for more years of partying!

Corporate Clients

Looking back at where we are now and where we started, the growth is so inspiring and motivating to push harder and brighten more people’s lives with our Pix.CO magic. All in all, our supportive clients is what we are most thankful for. We are so honored to have been recognized and worked with amazing corporate clients. Feeling so thankful to have our big corporate supporters believe and trust in us during the past 5 years.

We don’t just party for just one night, Pix.CO builds connections and lasting relationships. See and experience what all our clients love about Pix.CO Photobooth for yourself!

We are very proud of all our works, events and client’s success stories. Check us out!

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